Tips for Travelers this Holiday Season

HolidaytvcThere is a lot of causes that may delay travelers this time of year. Everything from long security lines at the airport, to sitting in traffic during their drive, but in Michigan the main concern is the snow.

The Transportation Security Administration, TSA, has a few tips this holiday season for those flying. One is too not wrap any gifts you’re bringing through security. Putting gifts in bags instead allows for easy access and ensures that no wrapping paper will be torn in case a TSA officer needs to see what’s inside.

TSA says holiday decorations, like lights, are okay to bring through the security checkpoint. Food is also okay but they say “if you can spill it, spread it, spray it, pump it, or pour it. That counts as a liquid. So remember our liquid rule. It’s 3.4 ounces.”

If you are flying out Cherry Capital Airport, they are expecting a crowd.

Kevin Klein, the CEO of the airport, says they are expecting “about 15,000 passengers pass through the terminal in the next two weeks, which is returning back to like that pre-pandemic level.”

He has some tips for travelers as well. If you are flying out of TVC, Klein says to arrive at least 2 hours before your departure time. With the stress of traveling, Klein tells travelers to dress comfortable, “whether it’s relaxing clothes or whatever makes that may to make your comfort because it is it is a busy time and so one be comfortable to plan ahead so you’re here early.”

For those who enjoy hunting in Northern Michigan, Klein wants to remind you to “know what’s in your bags.” He tells us people “forget things in their bags like gun shells and maybe hunting knives and that kind of stuff. So make sure you check your bag before you pack. When you pack, know what you’re packing.”

For those worried about the weather, Klein’s last tip is to download the airline app. He says “if anything does happen things that the airlines do automatically rebook you and do different things and that will happen on the app.” With the winter weather coming in, he tells us TVC will have crew there 24 hours, working hard to keep the runway plowed.

For those driving, delays are to be expected with the weather. After talking to one driver who’s getting ready to head home this holiday, he says he hopes all drivers take their time on the roads. He is even leaving a few hours earlier so he can make it home for the holidays on time.


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