This May Be the Cheapest Road Trip in America

This May Be The Cheapest Road Trip In America
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Road trips are a rite of passage for many Americans. These driving adventures are full of roadside attractions, eclectic diners and incredible memories. Yet, with high gas prices, many families are understandably reconsidering their vacation plans.

One way to keep your travel plans intact without breaking the bank is to focus on destinations with the lowest gas prices. We let the data speak for itself when determining where to road trip across America for cheap.

The current state of gas prices across the U.S.

As of Aug. 9, 2022, the average gas price is $4.03, according to data from the American Automobile Association. As expected, the average varies widely across regions of the U.S.

States along the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, New York and Maine are experiencing the highest gas prices, averaging between $4.41 to $5.42. Meanwhile, one section of the country is heartily below average, ranging from $3.57 to $3.75: the Southeast.

More specifically, the Gulf Coast has the lowest average gas prices in the U.S., with prices up to nearly 40 cents lower than the national average.

That makes this region a prime target for cheap road trips, and possibly even cheap rental cars for those travelers coming from far-flung locations. Though the costs of getting there and back from wherever you live might not make this as affordable of a vacation as turning left outside of your neighborhood, the region’s low gas prices might still attract those dedicated to a road trip vacation.

Consider driving the GATOR

You may not have yet heard of the GATOR, but this budget-friendly road trip, which runs along the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, might just be a route to U-turn toward.

This recommended driving route, more formally referred to as the Gulf Alliance of Tourism Organization Representatives Road Trip, is the invention of Kay Maghan. As the Public Relations Manager of the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism board, she created the regional tourism partnership to “draw attention to the small- and medium-sized towns along the central Gulf Coast that are within a few hours of each other.”

Driving the GATOR, road-trippers can experience the local culture unique to the region, including great food, outdoor activities and historical attractions.

And, as Maghan adds, “Alligators.”

The GATOR itinerary map includes stops in smaller cities, many just off of Highway 10, along the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

The GATOR’s three-state itinerary can be a great way to road trip for cheap in the U.S. (Image courtesy of the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism Board)

Here are some highlights along a GATOR road trip:

  • Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama: Tropical Falls at OWA theme park, water park and entertainment district.
  • Mobile, Alabama: USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.
  • Coastal Mississippi (Ocean Springs, Biloxi and Bay St. Louis): Betsy Ann Riverboat cruise on the Gulf Coast.
  • St. Tammany Parish (Slidell), Louisiana: Honey Island Swamp Tours.
  • Jefferson Parish (Metairie), Louisiana: Wetland Trace Nature Boardwalk.
  • Lafourche Parish (Thibodaux), Louisiana: The Bayou Lafourche Historic Live Oak Tour.
  • Terrebone Parish (Houma), Louisiana: Chauvin Sculpture Garden & Art.
  • Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes (Lake Charles), Louisiana: Creole Nature Trail All-American Road, one of only 57 so designated scenic byways in the U.S.

How to save money on gas

If your travel guide is dog-eared for another road trip destination in the U.S., there are ways to save money on gas so your vacation plans aren’t derailed. Follow these cheap road trip tips.

Don’t buy premium fuel, unless required

As of Aug. 3, AAA’s data shows that the average gallon of premium fuel costs $0.75 more than regular gas. On a 20-gallon tank, that’s an extra $15 every time you fill up.

A separate AAA study found that 70% of U.S. drivers currently own a vehicle that requires regular gasoline compared to just 16% who drive vehicles that require premium fuel.

You might be overspending if you buy higher-octane gas when it’s not necessary.

Inspect and inflate your tires

There’s one quick way to derail a cheap road trip: car troubles.

Before heading out on your road trip, inspect your tires to ensure that there aren’t any punctures, bald spots or uneven wear. Inflate your tires to the manufacturer’s specifications, which are found in the driver’s manual or inside the driver’s door jamb.

Avoid idling your engine

Drivers are tempted to idle their engines to keep the car cool inside or to warm up the engine. If you aren’t driving, shut off the engine, conserve gas and do a little good for the planet, too.

Remove excess weight from your vehicle

Every extra pound in your vehicle requires your engine to work harder to move it down the highway. Instead, pack light and leave unnecessary items at home — this is one of the easiest money-saving tricks for travel.

Don’t accelerate too quickly

Quick acceleration burns extra gas. Rather, use a light touch when accelerating.

Plan efficient routes

Use your GPS to plan your route to minimize mileage and avoid traffic jams.

Find the cheapest gas nearby — and stack rewards

Numerous apps offer local gas prices so you can compare and find the lowest price. Sign up for gas station loyalty programs for additional discounts.

Apps like Upside, TruNow and GasBuddy offer rewards and savings when buying gasoline. These rewards are in addition to what you save from gas loyalty programs and earn from your credit card.

Use credit cards that earn rewards on gas

Certain credit cards offer bonus rewards on gas station purchases.

Consider renting a house on wheels

Road tripping in an RV rental can be a smart money move if you want to roll transit and lodging costs into a single budget line item.

The bottom line

Road trips can be a cost-effective way to travel and see America. You can avoid airport security and flight cancellations while traveling at your leisurely pace. But, with fuel prices much higher than last year, you need to find ways to reduce the cost of gas. Consider choosing a region with low gas prices, like the Gulf Coast, or follow the tips above to make driving more efficient and lower cost in areas closer to home.

Use a credit card that earns gasoline rewards to save money on gas at every fill-up.

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