This Luxe Countryside Hotel in Ireland Has a Hidden Two-Story Whiskey Library

In a hotel that dates back to the early 1700s you’re bound to find some surprises, but this covert bar is an experience worth planning a trip around.

<p>Courtesy of Carton House, A Fairmont Managed Hotel</p>

Courtesy of Carton House, A Fairmont Managed Hotel

On the outskirts of Dublin in the countryside of county Meath, a whiskey lovers dream awaits. Housed in a manor that dates back to 1739 that once played host to celebrities like Grace Kelly and Peter Sellers, Carton House has been reimagined as a luxe hotel with all the amenities. One of which, is geared specifically to those who fancy a tipple.

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The storied manor house that has been thoughtfully refurbished into a luxury hotel, feeds all the senses. The beautiful decor celebrates the hotels nearly 250 years of history, the three restaurants on property offer a range of perfected Irish dishes, and the service is impeccable. But the most interesting feature lies behind a false door on the first floor of the hotel. Guests make their way down winding corridors through rooms outfitted with bucolic paintings, tapestries, and lush furniture that you could easily spend an afternoon lounging in, until they find themselves in front of a nondescript door. 

<p>Courtesy of Carton House, A Fairmont Managed Hotel</p>

Courtesy of Carton House, A Fairmont Managed Hotel

Make your way through and you’ll find yourself in the manors original two-story library. But instead of books, the walls are lined with whiskeys from around the world, including both rare local offerings and international spirits. Guests can choose to sample a tipple from any of the nearly 400 bottles or enjoy a cocktail crafted from one of the hotels bartenders. 

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When the door closes behind you, it disappears into a bookcase and it’s just you and hundreds of bottles of whisky. The bar is centered to the room with a floor-to-ceiling window that looks out onto the manicured gardens. In the corner of the room, the original spiral staircase makes its way up to the second floor loft that houses even more bottles and looks onto the tasting room below.

The experience is unlike any other you’ll find in the Emerald Isle. And while quaint pubs are as synonymous with Ireland as pints of Guinness, the whiskey library at Carton House is a unique adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

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