These 11 hotel room hacks will save you time and money

Esther Sturrus, a flight attendant for the Dutch airline KLM, spends a lot of time between flights in hotels around the world, so she has a lot of experience and knowledge about the secrets of the hotels.

She claims to have some brilliant ideas that you can try on your next hotel stay in Israel or abroad, and the responses to her video certainly confirm that.

According to her, there are a few things you must do every time you stay at a hotel to ensure your stay goes smoothly.

What are the tips?

The first tip, as she shows in the video, is to use pegs to keep the curtains closed in the room so that you don’t wake up from the strong light in the morning.

Her second tip is to use your USB cable to charge your phones through the TV, if you (of course!) don’t have a universal socket adapter or if the one you have is destroyed.

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Her third and no less genius tip is to use the hotel’s shower caps as shoe covers when packing. This is a useful way to protect the clothes in your suitcase from dirty shoes, especially if you don’t have plastic bags available to put your shoes in.

Later in the video, she uses the shower caps again to cover the TV remote control, which as many studies have shown is dirty and full of bacteria.

The tip that received the most attention in the comments has to do with the safe in your room. Many people use a safe to keep valuables such as the passport and cash.

However, quite a few people are afraid to do this for the simple reason that it is very easy to forget to check the safe before checking out.

Why put a shoe in the safe?

Esther’s “lost shoe tip” reduces the risk of you leaving the hotel without checking what you left in the safe.

“Worried about forgetting something from your safe? Put your shoe in it and you won’t forget!” she says.

The flight attendant says that she always puts one shoe in the safe because she will never leave the room without her work shoes, since they are an essential part of her uniform.

Obviously, if you are traveling with more than one pair of shoes, you can leave any other item that you don’t think you will leave the hotel without, such as your coat.

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Her last tip concerns the cards for entering the room, which are also used to enable the use of electricity. According to her, it is not necessary to use the room cards to keep the lights on, when in fact you can use any other card you have – credit card, driver’s license, bus card or any other card.

When is it useful? In case you are more than two people in the room and one wants to leave and take the key with them.

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Following the success of the video, demand for more advice grew, so she made another one in which she recommended the following:

– Don’t you have a speaker with you? Put the phone in a mug and you can hear music at a louder volume.

– The cardboard cup for rinsing your mouth and keeping the toothbrush in overturns and falls? Put it upside down and push the toothbrush through it – the sinks are not hygienic.

– Are your nice clothes wrinkled? Hang them in the bathroom while showering! Spray with dry cleaning spray and they are like new.

– The mirror filled with steam and you need to leave quickly? Use the hair dryer when necessary and the steam will disappear.

– And finally: Want to check that there is no one under your bed? Throw a bottle under it! It should roll and come out the other side. If it doesn’t happen – it’s time to call hotel security.

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