TF Green Airport Seeks Local Restaurants to Offer a “Taste Of Rhode Island” to Travelers

The Rhode Island Airport Corporation announced Tuesday that it is seeking food and beverage proposals from Rhode Island providers for inclusion at Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport in an effort to offer travelers a “Taste of Rhode Island” while serving as an opportunity for local restauranteurs to promote their local eateries, wineries, coffee houses and breweries.

Importantly, RIAC expects this effort will result in more jobs at the airport while showcasing Rhode Island’s vibrant restaurant community, creating a win-win opportunity for local food and beverage purveyors to become airport partners, providing improved options for the traveling public, while promoting the wealth of distinctive food and beverages for which Rhode Island has become known.

Under the Notice of Intent to Negotiate, RIAC is making ten airport restaurant spaces available, ranging from 300 to 2,300 square feet, including five locations in the airport concourses, four spaces in the airport food court, and one location in the airport baggage claim area.

The new airport food and beverage procurement has been restructured to be more attractive for local restauranteurs to submit proposals for individual spaces, including lower rent, reduced requirements for proprietor capital investments, as well as a five-year agreement term rather than the ten year terms in previous concession solicitations. RIAC believes that bringing in locally-branded food and beverage operations at the airport will draw from local staffing resources, while also providing an enhanced “Taste of Rhode Island” for travelers while promoting local restaurants in Rhode Island. Interested businesses may also bid for more than one location.

While the new procurement allows for Master Concessionaires to submit comprehensive proposals to manage all airport food and beverage space, RIAC is encouraging local businesses to consider submitting proposals for individual or multiple restaurant and concession space to offer diverse comfort foods to anyone visiting the airport. Proposers are encouraged to retain qualified personnel previously employed by the existing airport concessionaires. The RIAC Board of Directors will serve as the selection committee.



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