Taylor Swift Fans Are Roasting Ticketmaster Over Ticket Issues

Ticketmaster really let the Swifties down. Are you surprised? When the presale for tickets to Taylor Swift’s 2023 The Eras Tour opened up on Tuesday morning, there were so many fans (and bots, surely) logged in to the ticketing queue, that the Ticketmaster servers became overloaded and kept sending fans “technical difficulties” error messages as the site repeatedly crashed.

While Ticketmaster issued a statement (that did not include an apology) and pushed back multiple presales in hopes of accommodating the millions of people trying to get through the queue, fans and concerned parties did the only they could do in this hopeless moment: they roasted Ticketmaster on social media.

“What is joe biden’s plan to unpause the ticketmaster queue for taylor swift’s eras tour,” one user asked. “It’s called the ‘Eras’ tour because if you try to log in to Ticketmaster all you get are era messages,” another joked. Even Grammy nominee Zach Bryan got in on the roast.

Another user cited Ticketmaster’s statement about “unprecedented demand” calling them out by saying that since they were the ones who issued the presale codes, they should have expected this kind of volume.

Somebody else was so mad that they decided to block Drake? Sounds like Ticketmaster might have a vested interest in stoking the fire of the beef that Swifties currently have with Drake.

But then the final hammer was dropped when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez popped in to make sense of this whole mess. “Daily reminder that Ticketmaster is a monopoly, it’s merger with LiveNation should never have been approved, and they need to be reigned in. Break them up.” [mic drop]

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