Summer is good to the last drop with Getaway Deals on

Summer flew right by and here we are again staring down the busiest time of year. If you’re thinking about getting a jump-start on fall and spending the weekend happily swapping your sweaters out of storage, we urge you to consider hitting pause and packing a bag instead.

Taking your sweaters out of storage can wait another week when there’s still plenty of time for getting the last taste of summer with Getaway Deals(opens in a new tab) on Whether you want to sneak in a few more hours on the beach, explore a cool small city without the crowds, or take a spontaneous road trip, planning a last-minute trip is easier than you think. 

Here’s why some of the best laid plans are the ones you haven’t made yet.

Consider a domestic getaway 

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Flying off to another country is definitely an adventure worth having if the opportunity arises. However, 81% of U.S. travelers feel like traveling domestically allows them to be more spontaneous and plan a last-minute getaway, according to, especially if you’re coordinating schedules with someone else. To save time and money, the app lets you book everything — accommodation, car rentals, and activities — all in one place. 

Get more value out of your PTO

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Want to stretch your travel dollars even further? Skip the weekend rush and plan a midweek escape to get better prices on hotels and better seats in restaurants, theaters, and stadiums. When you travel during the workweek, you’ll explore museums and art galleries without crowds and unwind in spas without a long wait. For another way to save, book and stay before Sept. 30, 2022, with Getaway Deals(opens in a new tab) at

Be flexible when you plan

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If you can be open about where and when you want to go, you can grab the best deals, according to You may find luxe-for-less options on lodging and excursions, such as whale-watching, for last-minute pricing. On the flip side of this, 33% of global travelers also want more freedom when their plans change. For stress-free planning, lets you filter for properties with free cancellation policies — even up to days before.

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