Rescue Dog’s Journey from the Streets to Adventures Will Melt Your Heart

A real-life rags to riches story!

We always love seeing rescue videos of animals. Well, not the part about animals being abandoned because no one likes that. We love the part that strangers will stop what they’re doing to get these helpless cuties to safety. It shows us just how much good there really is in the world and an example of one of these angels on earth is TikTok user @meganandtherescues

This TikToker is the head of an animal rescue but was getting away for a week-long vacation. You could probably guess that in this line of work there are no days off. She was just beginning her California road trip when she noticed a stray doggo running on the side of the road. So of course, she stepped up to the plate and what she does with the dog will seriously melt your heart. 

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Aww! The TikToker really brought along the dog for the whole road trip. From hiking in forests to enjoying the sand and the ocean, this dog saw it all. A real rags to riches story! 

“She went from being homeless to going on the best adventure of her life with the best people,” commented @moonchild3_7. Right?! The doggo probably would’ve never guessed in her wildest dreams that she’d see the world or get love like this. But she deserved it! 

Another TikTok user, @thetourist19, said, “OMG This is so beautiful! What a lucky baby that you were driving that way.” Seriously, what are the chances?! The world works in mysterious ways. We’re so happy this fur baby is with a loving foster family and we hope she finds a forever home very soon!


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