Prices for hotel rooms over Super Bowl weekend soar in Arizona

It’s coming down to the wire for football fans searching for hotel rooms for Super Bowl 2023. The NFL Conference Championships on Jan. 29 will decide the teams who square off in the big game.

If you’re looking for a hotel room in metro Phoenix, know this: Your options are growing more expensive.

While some hotel chains have more rooms available than they did a couple of months ago, demand is driving prices up. Room rates are so expensive that, as reported by Axios, a Motel 6 near State Farm Stadium in Glendale starts at $854 a night.

It may be tempting to wait until you know your team will make it to the big game before reserving a hotel. But the delay may reduce your options and require more money in your lodging budget. Here’s the latest on the prices and availability of metro Phoenix hotels for the Super Bowl with less than three weeks before the game.

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