Plan A Girls’ Trip This International Women’s Day

On March 8, people around the world are reminded of the contributions women make to all aspects of life, whether social, political, economic, or cultural. In honor of International Women’s Day, travel destinations everywhere are inviting women to travel solo or with a group of friends or family to celebrate sisterhood, to rest, and to recharge.

Female-focused travel and programs have seen a surge in popularity in recent years , and for good reason. According to Michael Goldstein, in the U.S., women dominate leisure travel by a 63% to 37% ratio over men. Destinations have responded with female-only tours, special packages for groups of women, and offers for women traveling alone.

Here are some female-centric getaways for 2023:

Mexico City

Eat Like a Local Mexico City, a female-owned and -operated tour company, combines contemporary fun with a history lesson in the dynamic women who shaped Mexico. Their newly launched Badass Mexican Women-Food Adventure, based out of Ciudad de México (or CDMX), guides travelers as they taste their way through the city. Along the way, guests will learn stories of six amazing Mexican women, from freedom fighter Adela Velarde to the art promoter who helped the area create beauty after the revolution. The art deco enclave of Colonia Escandón is the perfect place to stroll the neighborhood streets and learn about the Mexican women behind the city’s history, art, food, and culture.

What makes this tour unique is that it introduces visitors to women who have fought for freedom and equity through business, hospitality, art, and politics, and it does it all through food. Enjoy mole, tacos, and mezcal, among other tasty treats, and bond with your squad. Feel even better knowing that a portion of the tour ticket funds education projects for women, including mentorship, support, and economic opportunities.

Tours are for groups of 6, cost $120 per person, and can be booked through the company’s website. Tours leave from Condesa and return to Escandón.


Morocco is steeped in history, with each region representing a distinct culture and personality. While Marrakesh, the medieval medina of Fez, and the surrounding streets and markets are popular tourist destinations, some tours will take you deeper into the country to explore Morocco’s less-visited areas.

Naya Traveler offers one such excursion that it says, “will unveil the beauty and culture of Morocco through the eyes and experiences of women, from local artisans to renowned academics.” Each tour is customized to your interests and desires, but all highlight the achievements of women. You’ll be led by a female host who will introduce you to female leaders, crafts ateliers, and academics. You’ll dine with members of Amal Foundation, a non-profit that works to support and uplift Moroccan women. You’ll visit an all-girls school in the High Atlas Mountains and learn about how education is changing lives in this area. From a pottery workshop, to learning about Moroccan food, to preparing your own traditional feast, you’ll be surrounded by women every step of the way. And to be sure you have a souvenir from your trip, you’ll work with a traditional designer to create your own kaftan, then shop at a souk to source your own fabrics and embellishments. Following a custom fitting, you’ll return home and wait for your outfit to be delivered, a keepsake from an experience you are unlikely to forget.

Tip: Be sure to check out Naya Traveler’s other female-centric destinations and tours, all curated to fit your desires.

Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

To really get away from it all and enjoy some solitude, a retreat is in order. The Re-Balance Retreats in the seaside town of Las Catalinas help you achieve on vacation what’s so elusive in daily life – the ability to de-stress and concentrate on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Whether you wish to travel solo or with a group, you will be surrounded by physical activity supported by education on how to eat the most nutritious food. Wellness activities star with daily yoga on the Santarena Hotel’s rooftop, the views and sounds of the ocean a pleasant backdrop to your practice. Then participate in meditations and visualizations that get you centered and focused on your desires. This is the place to seek balance in your life, while staying in a beautiful, safe locale that celebrates women.

Located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, Las Catalinas is car-free, with a focus on nature and being outdoors. Ambitious travelers can hike, bike, or run the trails, as well as attend cardio classes or sign up for private training sessions. The WAKE Day Spa is where you’ll go to unwind and work out those sore muscles. Plus, there’s organic cooking classes, private chef dinners and wine tastings, and even a gourmet market. Stay in town at the Santarena, or book a studio or flat through Beach Town Travel. They offer an array of villa options including daily housekeeping and laundry service, a fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and use of the Las Catalinas Collection resort facilities.

Fly non-stop to Las Catalinas from Miami, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Toronto and more, and celebrate International Women’s Day with your own company or with your girls.

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