New AI-Powered Travel App, Una, Plans Your Dream Vacation in Minutes

It’s been a hectic day at work, and you’ve finally settled down to plan your next vacation. Hours of research later, you’ve still got nothing—no idea of where to go or what to do when you get there. This is the story for most people looking for their next adventure: hours wasted searching through multiple websites, deciding between destinations that seem similar in photos but have very different reviews once you dig deeper. But all this might be about to change.

Recently, many companies have claimed their new AI-powered travel apps will simplify this process by giving you the tools you need to make your dream trip come true in minutes. However, the only one that actually uses this technology to help you plan your trip quicker is Una, the smart travel app that allows you to plan your perfect vacation in minutes.

With so many options for travel destinations and what to see during your trip, no doubt, planning a vacation can get challenging. Una uses artificial intelligence technology with human input from hundreds of experts to simplify this process by providing curated itineraries based on your interests. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or need help planning the perfect trip, Una simplifies and streamlines the process by making it easy to plan a memorable vacation in minutes. An all-inclusive solution for those who want their next adventure to be hassle-free, this digital assistant takes care of every detail, from booking hotels to arranging activities and scheduling events during your stay.

The process starts with you taking a short quiz on the app. Once you’ve entered key details about where you want to go and what you’re looking for in terms of activities or destinations, Una will analyze your interests and create an itinerary with personalized recommendations just for your preferences. Even better, the platform allows you to incorporate your family’s or group’s requests to keep everyone happy.

Alternatively, you can choose from one of Una’s pre-curated trips crafted by famous travel guides and magazines. These recommendations are distilled from millions of reviews and places like Tripadvisor, Yelp, Lonely Planet, and AllTrails. Una helps you explore new destinations, find cool things to do, and book your accommodation with confidence.

As inflation rises and the cost-of-living shoots through the roof, Una’s mission is to help you plan an affordable and enjoyable trip. Booking with Una allows you to access exclusive hotel deals, including free cancellation. The platform even offers price matching and ensures you get discounted rates on hotels that others cannot publish online. Signing up on the platform enables you to unlock secret hotel prices guaranteed to make you smile.

So far, over 40K users have downloaded the app and used it to take advantage of its recommendations based on millions of reviews and places to create your own memorable travel experiences. Given this, the New York Times recognized Una as one of the best travel apps for 2022. Una was also featured on Apple’s “Hot This Week” segment.

Unlike many travel apps or websites that sell your data to the highest bidder, Una is committed to protecting its users’ privacy. The platform is 100% ad-free, and each suggestion is a carefully thought-out feature by the developers and is not ad-based. The goal is to make Una a personal travel concierge to plan your entire trip and help take the guesswork out of trip planning.

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