Meetings with photo travelers will be held as part of the immersive exhibition-travel “Photo Route Built”

February 19 in the lecture hall of the exhibition “Photo Route Built” – a special program. Guests will be able not only to meet famous photo travelers, but also to take part in festive events dedicated to the World Day for the Protection of Marine Mammals. And also see a whale in virtual reality, swimming in one of the halls of the exposition.

“How to visit hard-to-reach places in Russia?”

February 19 at 12:00

Speaker: Kirill Uyutnov is a wildlife photographer, organizer of photo expeditions in Russia, member of the Union of Wildlife Photographers, the Union of Photographers of Russia and the Russian Geographical Society. Winner of the photo contests “Wild Nature of Russia” and “Golden Turtle”. Kirill will tell you how to plan a photo route, find transport in uninhabited areas and do it for free, or maybe even earn money. Guests of the lecture will learn everything about traveling in Evenkia, Taimyr, Kolyma, Yakutia and Komi. And also in Yamal, Kamchatka, Chukotka, the Kuriles and Franz Josef Land.

“In pursuit of a unique frame”

February 19 at 14:00

Speaker: Ekaterina Vasyagina is a wildlife photographer, traveler, organizer of photo expeditions in Russia, participant in environmental education projects. Author of personal photo exhibitions in Russia and Europe. At the meeting, aspiring nature photographers will be able to learn how the right clothing and equipment contribute to successful shooting, what techniques can be used to achieve the result, what technique to choose for work, and whether Photoshop can help create a unique shot.

“Underwater world of white whales”

Celebrating World Marine Mammal Day

February 19 at 15:00

Speaker: Maria Taganova, Researcher, Marine Mammals Laboratory, IO RAS named after I.I. P.P. Shirshova, participant of the project for the study of belugas in the White Sea and other Arctic expeditions of the IO RAS. Maria will talk about the sociable and curious belugas, their habitats and how to observe white whales up close and how to establish emotional contact with them. At the end of the lecture, the audience will be shown a film in VR glasses for complete immersion in the world of the amazing inhabitants of the White Sea.

“Bowhead whales of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk”

Celebrating World Marine Mammal Day

February 19 at 16:00

Speaker: Aglaya Tsidulko is a marine biologist, animal photographer, participant in numerous expeditions to the Far Eastern seas.

The guests of the lecture will learn about the life of the smallest population of polar whales – the Greenlanders of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Aglaya will reveal the secret of why for some time the animals were considered an extinct species.

The Photo Route Built exhibition is a portal at the zero kilometer of Russia, which will take visitors from the center of the capital to the most picturesque corners of Russia. Neural networks, animated frames in augmented reality, 360° video in VR, tactile exhibits, aromas and sounds of nature will help you make an unforgettable journey through space and time. And also pictures from the archives of the State Historical Museum, presented to the general public for the first time in 120 years.

The immersive exhibition-travel “Photo Route Built” and the lecture hall are held with the support of the scientific and educational project “The Earth Through Your Eyes. Live! Shoot!” Red Square media group and the Nature Photo Team community. In partnership with BENRO, LitRes, the Aptekarsky Ogorod Moscow State University Botanical Garden and the Classical Photography Gallery.

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