Istanbul has Some of the Lowest Airbnb Prices

Using sources such as TripAdvisor and AirDNA, the team at OLBG has created the European Nightlife Index, and ranked the best party capitals in Europe.

The study based on hotel prices, safety scores, the cost of domestic beer, the number of bars and nightclubs, taxi prices, and the number of casinos in each city.

Warsaw has the cheapest Airbnb prices in Europe, costing just over £65 (€74) per night. Depending on the location and the time of your stay, some Airbnbs are available for less than €30 per night.

On the other hand, Amsterdam is the most expensive city to stay at with Airbnb prices averaging just over £207 (€237) per night.

Further insights from the study:

  • Oslo is home to the most expensive beer, with a pint costing an average of £7.41 (€8.54). Valencia has the cheapest beer, with a pint costing an average of £1.91 (€2.20).
  • Stockholm is crowned the worst city in Europe for nightlife with a nightlife score of 2.28/10. A night out in the Swedish capital will also come at a cost with an average beer costing £6.01 (€6.92) per drink.
  • Manchester takes the top spot with the most bars and nightclubs, at just over 55 per 100,000 people. Manchester has 218 bars and nightclubs, the 14th-highest total on the list. Its high number of bars and nightclubs means there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether that is a traditional pub, cocktail bar or unique venue.

Top 5 cities with the lowest Airbnb prices:

Rank City Country Average Price for Airbnb per Night GBP (£) Average Price for Airbnb per Night EUR (€)
1 Warsaw Poland £65.07 €74.32
2 Istanbul Turkey £66.76 €76.25
3 Bratislava Slovakia £68.56 €78.30
4 Krakow Poland £72.97 €83.34
5 Budapest Hungary £78.80 €89.90

Top 5 cities with the highest Airbnb prices:


Rank City GBP (£) EUR (€)
1 Amsterdam £207.94 €180.60
2 Paris £205.49 €187.70
3 London £187.50 €193.24
4 Venice £182.03 €194.16
5 Edinburgh £181.90 €198.80

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