Intrepid Travel Is Taking 25% Off Some Of Its Tours If You Need A Holiday

Intrepid Travel Is Taking 25% Off Some Of Its Tours If You Need A Holiday Already

PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Intrepid Travel to help you get that sweet late summer getaway.

The first month of the year is over, and if you were smart and managed to not take leave over the Christmas break, now might actually be a great time to take advantage of that stocked-up leave. With the airports slowing down and the season buzz fading away, foot traffic is bound to be fairly low, meaning you’ll greatly reduce your time waiting in queue but also, you’ll get to take advantage of some amazing travel deals.

Thankfully our lovely friends at Intrepid Travel are offering travellers up to 25% off international and up to 15% off domestic trips from 30 January to 16 February 2023.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned traveller, a small group adventure is a great way to experience a new country or develop a deeper appreciation for a familiar destination. What can’t be overstated is how much stress is taken off your hands with an Intrepid tour, as having a trip leader accompany you along the way can help clear up any hiccups throughout the travel.

These trip leaders are also locals from the area, so they can give you great insider info on some of the best-kept secrets around. Intrepid also aims to be as low impact as possible and gives back to the community by investing your travel dollarydoos back into the communities wildlife conservation efforts and human rights initiatives.

Not only are travel tours incredibly budget-friendly, but most will cover your accommodation and transport as well, meaning you won’t have to spend time learning about a country’s metro system – which, if you’re from Melbourne, the words “metro” triggers deep anxiety, to begin with. If you’re the type who can’t relax without planning your trip to the minute with hundreds of backup plans, a local tour guide will help ease you into that holiday mode.

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I’m personally eyeing the Explore Croatia trip as I’m begging to catch some sun without the risk of catching a gnarly sunburn and overheating. Plus Croatia has some crazy unique food festivals, so I’m keen to expand my culinary pallet and try some fresh stone soup.

So if this first month back at work has already pushed you into needing a quick getaway, visit Intrepid Travel to suss out heaps of their tour offers to help you switch your brain off.

*Terms & conditions apply. For a full list of inclusions/exclusions, please see our Big Sale Terms & Conditions.

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