How to score good holiday travel deals

With gas prices surging at the pump and airfare and hotel costs up, it can make it hard to score good deals for holiday travel.

Travel between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is the busiest in this county. As each week passes, prices are expected to rise by 4%.

News 12’s consumer reporter Janice Lieberman has The Real Deal on how you can save.

Book on a Sunday. Sunday’s the cheapest day of the week to book. And this is based on four years of data that shows that people tend to save about 5% on domestic trips, and about 15% on international trips just by booking on that day of the week.

Christie Hudson is a travel expert. She warns against trying to get a last-minute deal. If you find a great rate, take it!

“You should book about a month ahead of domestic travel and about six months in advance of international travel,” Hudson says.

Did you know the day you fly could save you big money?

“You want to start your trip midweek on a Wednesday instead of on the weekend. And that’s going to save you about 15%,” Hudson says.

But when booking for Thanksgiving and December holidays, think about flying on the actual holiday — it could mean less crowds and cheaper fares.

If you can’t, just by departing on Monday before the holiday instead of over the weekend, can save you between 20 and 30% on your Thanksgiving and Christmas travel.

Flying early in the morning can help avoid any trip disruptions or delays.

“Flights that leave after 3 p.m. are 50% more likely to be canceled than those that leave before,” Hudson says.

If you need to reserve a car, check off peak days. The choices and rates may be better. And the bonus? Shorter lines!

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