How to plan the perfect road trip with Make My Drive Fun

If you’ve ever tried to plan a road trip, you know the struggle is real. Tap or click for the best travel apps to plan your next adventure. What’s the best way to know the most fun things to do in a city you’ve never been to?

If you are in the market for the perfect road trip planner, you’re in luck. Our latest obsession is a site called Make My Drive Fun. Simply plug in your starting point and destination, and you’ll find plenty to do along the way.

You’ll love this road trip tool if you live for random stops and cultural must-visits.

How to use Make My Drive Fun

This browser-based road trip app, Make My Drive Fun, is one of the simplest tools we’ve ever used. Check it out, and you’ll see the entire world at a glance. So many places to go and so little time. Where to begin?

You’ll see two text boxes in the upper right corner when you visit the site. Type your starting location in the From field and your destination in the To field. Instantly, you’ll see a red line pop in, connecting your first location to your final stop.

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Map markers indicate local wonders, small-town novelties, and tons of other stuff you won’t find on any high-end travel site. We’re talking about the real deal: Classic roadside stops, specialty museums, and other cultural treasures await.

We even found a highway that plays “America the Beautiful” by way of rumble strips, but only when you stick to the speed limit precisely!

For details on each attraction, scroll in on the map and click on each pinned location. A description of the attraction will appear on the map, giving insight into what you’ll see if you stop there.

Pro tip: You need to be very specific with your query. We recommend including the state or country’s name along with each city to avoid confusing the program (it happens, but we swear it’s worth it).

Make My Drive Fun may not be perfect for an exploratory road trip, letting the wind take you wherever it will. For those with a concrete destination in mind, however, it’s one of the easiest, fastest ways to find awesome things to do along the way.

If you’re driving somewhere for work, visiting family, or simply on your way to a city you’ve been dying to see, we recommend giving it a shot. Bon voyage!

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Traveling is a lot of fun, and you’ll never see more of what makes a city great than in your vehicle. If you’re out on the town, you may as well indulge in every single one-of-a-kind marvel, right?

Some of these spots are for tourists, and others give new meaning to locals only. Explore the entire world, and plan the trip of a lifetime. Want some of our best travel safety tips? Tap or click here for five smart tech steps before hitting the road.

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