Handicapped Mastiff’s Trip to the Wine Festival With Mom Is Everything

If this doesn’t make your day, nothing will.

Here at PetHelpful, we love a pampered pooch. Whether they’re always up-to-date on the latest hairstyles and fashion, or they can find attention wherever they go–a happy pet is the best pet. Just look at this sweet Mastiff boy!

Aslan is an adorable ol’ guy who rides around in his wagon due to his handicap. Clearly, that doesn‘t stop him or his paw-rents from stealing the show everywhere they go, which is why they named his TikTok account @aslan_adventures.

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What a sweet pup! We just adore all the attention and love Aslan gets from total strangers as they stroll through the wine festival. We’d stop dead in our tracks if we saw him, too! Of course, his wagon decorations are the cherry on top of a perfect setup, so we aren’t surprised at all how popular it is.

“I’m just saying he looks like he’s the life of the party,” said commenter @oceann_eyess_. “Everyone else needs to step up their game.” You said it! Aslan’s parents are seriously extra for the lights, pillows, and blankets on the wagon, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Just like they replied to @oceann_eyess, “He usually is [the life of the party]! He loves the attention.”

That’s a good thing he loves affection, too–because he sure got a lot of it! Viewer @suziexm loved “all those kind and sweet gentle pets for such a sweet and gentle baby,” and we just can’t help but agree. Good boy, Aslan!

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