Hack lets you book super cheap ‘mystery holiday’ deals – but know exactly where you’re going

A TRAVELLER has revealed how he saves money on hotels by booking ‘mystery holiday’ deals, without it being a mystery at all.

Websites like Priceline and Hotwire have arrangements in place with hotels that allow them to sell empty rooms to travellers for bargain prices.

Jay recommends booking deals through mystery websites to save money on hotels


Jay recommends booking deals through mystery websites to save money on hotelsCredit: tiktok

However, guests will often not know which hotel they have booked until after they have paid for the room, which can put people off trying to get a bargain stay.

There are ways for people to find out which hotel they are booking before they have paid though – one of which was revealed by Tiktoker traveltipswithjay.

In a video, Jay revealed how he has a Chrome extension which shows exactly which hotel he will be staying in when going through mystery deal sites.

The extension is called Travelarrow – and is easy enough to install.

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Simply search for the Travelarrow extension and then follow the instructions.

Once the extension is installed, when going through surprise hotels the name of the hotel will appear at the top of the screen.

Jay is then able to have a look at the hotel on other booking websites to work out how much of a saving he has made.

In the video he said: “If you’re paying full price for hotels you’re being ripped off.

“Instead, book mystery hotels on Priceline and Hotwire, where rooms are discounted up to 60 per cent, and then use this Chrome extension called Travelarrow to figure out the name of that exact hotel.

“On Priceline, these mystery hotels are called ‘express deals’ and this four star hotel is 46 per cent off.”

The hotel Jay is looking at is available for $235 (£206.70) – but remains an unknown location through the booking site, until he pays for it.

However, by using the extension he is able to find out which hotel it is.

He continues: “The Travelarrow extension pops up and reveals the exact hotel name.

“The same hotel on Expedia is $439 (£386). So you’re saving over $200 (£175).”

The video has been seen close to 3 million times, with many people impressed with his hack.

One wrote: “I work for a large hotel corp in IT and the mystery deals are the only good deals on these sites.

“If it isn’t a mystery deal you definitely over paid.”

Another said: “Love you bro! Thank you for this downloading extension now.”

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Everyone is going on this type of holiday next year to save money on flights and accommodation.

These are the mistakes families make when booking holidays that could be costing them a lot of money.

Using the extension, Jay managed to save around £175 on his hotel booking


Using the extension, Jay managed to save around £175 on his hotel bookingCredit: tiktok

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