Experts share safety advice for those planning to travel internationally

With summer underway and the days of exploration having returned, experts are warning that globe-trotting comes with other risks besides COVID-19.

Travel experts advise people to research the country they plan to visit and check for any travel advisories on the state department’s website before booking their destination.

The travel guidelines range from level one, exercise normal precautions, to level four, do not travel.

“These warnings are really serious. They’re produced by professionals who look at a vast range of information to come up with the assessment of risk against a range of threats in each of these countries,” said Javed Ali, former senior director of the Counterterrorism National Security Council.

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Once people book their trip, experts advise them to register with the state department and enroll in the Smart Travel program. It’s free and available to all United States citizens.

Other recommendations include:

  • Making a copy of passports.

  • Temporarily changing phone plans to international.

  • Planning routes ahead of time and sticking to well-lit areas once at the destination.

“Don’t bring attention to yourself. Try to wear clothing, doesn’t have to be local, doesn’t have to be customized that way, but also is it loud? Is it sort of overtly displaying signs that you’re an American? Sometimes picking up a little bit of the local language can also be helpful. Just a few words here and there can just sort of put people at ease,” Ali said.

For more information on how to stay same while traveling, head to the state department’s website” class=”link “>state department’s website.

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