Even Travelers With ‘Severe’ Motion Sickness Swear by This Doctor-approved Trick

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Shoppers say it “really opens up their ability to travel” on boats, road trips, planes, and more.

<p>Travel + Leisure / Reese Herringto</p>

Travel + Leisure / Reese Herringto

Warmer weather is just around the corner, which means most travelers’ itineraries will be filled with plenty of flights, cruises, and even adventurous road trips. But, if you experience motion sickness, those idyllic excursions can quickly turn disastrous. Fortunately, one simple solution may offer a bit of reprieve: the Toulifly Motion Sickness Relief Wristbands.

At first glance, these motion sickness bracelets look like your average sweatbands, but they have a plastic disc sewn into the side that gently presses against the skin to alleviate nausea using acupressure therapy. And, according to more than 3,000 Amazon shoppers, they’re “life-changing.”


To buy: amazon.com, $8 for set of two (originally $9)

In order to use the motion sickness wristbands effectively, just slip them on and position the disc on the inside of your wrists. According to the brand, they can take anywhere from two to five minutes to become effective, so it’s best to wear them before you embark on your journey — whether it’s by land, sea, or air.

Perfect for adults and children alike, the universally fitting Toulifly Motion Sickness Relief Wristbands are available in sets of two, three, four, and ten, ensuring that there’s a pair for everyone in your party that needs one. As a matter of fact, Amazon is running a special promotion on select sets; prices start as little as $8 for a limited time.

Curious to know just how the Toulifly Motion Sickness Relief Wristbands work their magic? Don’t worry, we were, too, and Lilli Link, MD, a board-certified internist and functional medicine practitioner at Parsley Health, gave us the scoop.


To buy: amazon.com, $15 for set of four (originally $17)

“Acupressure works similarly to acupuncture,” she tells Travel + Leisure. “Both have their roots in traditional Chinese medicine and are based on the flow of qi (pronounced chi), or energy, along the meridians in the body. By putting pressure on a specific point along the meridian, the qi (our energy) can flow freely.”

Though Dr. Link notes that there are only a “few small studies that show these wristbands help protect against nausea” and “an equal number that show no benefit,” she did share that she had success preventing motion sickness by using similar products: “Anecdotally, I used [them] with my twins when they were young, and we seemed to have fewer frantic calls from the back seat of the car for sickness bags.”

Like Dr. Link’s twins, shoppers on Amazon have experienced similar relief from motion sickness. One traveler wrote, “I placed these wristbands on two hours before my cruise. I was amazed how well they worked. No additional pills needed.”  Another motion sickness prone-reviewer said, “I get carsick and motion sick all the time, especially in the back of cars and boats. When my family took a trip to Hawaii, these little guys saved my life! I didn’t get sick once, [not] even on a boat in the ocean.”


To buy: amazon.com, $26

In fact, one customer was happy to report that it worked for their son, who gets “very car sick,” on a 16-hour road trip: “They were comfortable to wear, and helped him…Each pair comes in a sturdy plastic case. This is nice for individual use.” Following their review, another shopper with “severe motion sickness” shared, “Normally, I can only keep my eyes forward [in the car], but with these wristbands on, I have freedom. I didn’t have any sickness issues with these on. It really opens up my ability to travel, as I am limited to under a 20-minute drive.”

Similarly, a longtime motion sickness sufferer said, “I sat in the passenger seat all day during a recent vacation with zero nausea.” Vouching for their versatility, a final customer commented, “I have been using these a lot lately: long car rides, flights, video games, and they work great!” They also added, “I wore them when I wasn’t feeling the best and they worked great. I wore them overnight due to nausea from a migraine; [they] helped out so much.”

Don’t let motion sickness ruin your next trip. Whether it be via train, plane, automobile, boat, or whatever’s on your itinerary, make sure that you have the Toulifly Motion Sickness Relief Wristband on deck so you can enjoy yourself. Grab a set at Amazon while they’re starting at $8.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $8. 

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