The Ike Dike is designed to protect human lives and the largest petrochemical complex in the United States.

GALVESTON, Ind. — Senator Ted Cruz and other lawmakers were in Galveston Wednesday visiting possible construction sites for the coastal barrier known as the Ike Dike.

The U.S. Senator from Texas was joined by Congressman Randy Weber and State Representative Mayes Middleton. They met with leadership from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District.

The 70-mile-long barrier was first proposed after Hurricane Ike’s 22-foot storm surge devastated coastal communities in 2008.

It’s designed to protect human lives and the largest petrochemical complex in the United States.

“When the refineries shut down for a skeleton crew during Hurricane Ike, gas in Ohio spiked 60 cents a gallon,” said Rep. Weber. “What we do here has massive impact.”

The House and Senate must reconcile their versions of the Water Resources Development Act, which both include a plan for the Ike Dike.

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President Joe Biden will then need to sign the final bill into law, which Rep. Weber hopes will happen before November.

Construction is expected to take around 20 years.

“(The timeline) will depend upon the appropriation battles,” said Sen. Cruz. “I can tell you in Congress, it’s my intention to continue leading the fight because I think this is a plan that is prudent, is fiscally responsible, saves lives, and protects jobs.”

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The federal government will provide 65 percent of the estimated $31 billion needed to build the Ike Dike. State lawmakers created the Gulf Coast Protection District to come up with the remaining 35 percent of funding.

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