Check out your favorite vacation tunes with YouTube Music’s Summer Recap

Summer isn’t over, but some users can already see their latest seasonal recap on YouTube Music

Every December, social media goes into overdrive, with everyone sharing Spotify Wrapped playlists and looking at their listening trends. YouTube Music clearly wants in on the fun, as it most recently made clear with the Spring Recap users got in June. Although we still have another hot month of summer ahead of us (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway), YouTube Music is already starting to roll out its Summer Recap for some users.


Technically, summer ends in the US on September 22, but earlier this week, YouTube Music started alerting Premium subscribers to look forward to its latest seasonal Recap. Those are now showing up for the first few users as a home feed card labeled “Summer Recap is here” (via summer-recap/”>9to5Google).

Yellow is the dominant color on this season’s card artwork, instead of the purple we saw in spring. For now, only the Your Recap playlist seems to show up, and the kind of statistics we all love, with lists of our top five songs, artists, albums, and playlists, aren’t visible.

You can check if YouTube Music’s Summer Recap for your account is available by tapping your avatar in the top-right corner, selecting History from the menu, and then Your Recap. You’ll see your Spring Recap from June if the rollout hasn’t reached you. If even that isn’t visible, you likely don’t meet the minimum requirement — at least two hours of music streamed on YouTube and YouTube Music (combined) between March 1 and May 20, 2022.

Don’t be alarmed if your Summer Recap isn’t here (in part or its entirety) yet. You should have all your top fives to share on social media by mid-September. Meanwhile, everyone who swears by Spotify can view their stats all year long, and waiting for the Wrapped roundup isn’t mandatory — although it is a bit of an annual tradition now.


Recap goes official

YouTube has just youtube-music-summer-recap-2022/”>formally announced its Summer Recap.

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