Best Online Travel Sites 2022 Top 12 Reviews

The greatest online travel sites are fantastic because they’re a breeze to use and will help you plan your upcoming trip around the world. Travel agencies take care of travel arrangements such as airfare, lodging, transportation, and activities in one convenient location.

Thankfully, there are many excellent travel sites to choose from when planning your next vacation to various destinations. However, this can make it difficult to zero in on the best rates and features offered by these sites.

Many of these sites offer comparable services, but what sets them apart is how they deliver those services.

When trying to unwind on vacation, the last thing you need is to deal with a stressful website. In light of this, we have evaluated the top sites in terms of cost and functionality, emphasizing the sites’ user-friendliness and transparency.

We double-checked to guarantee that no hidden fees would be applied to your bill. Also, we considered rewards programs, which can help you save money in the short term and over the long run if you use certain websites frequently.– Best for ease of use – Best for a flexible payment plan

Kiwi– Best for innovative designs, plans, and features– Best for travel guide– Best for reward programs– Best for aggregated results– Best for vacation rentals

Agoda – Best for offering apartments and private rentals

Travelocity– Best for cheap prices

Freedom– Best for last-minute hotel deals

SkyScanner– Best for planning budget-friendly expenses

Google Flights: Best for speed

What Are the Different Types of Travel Sites?

Discount Travel Sites:

After making flight arrangements, your destination’s sleeping arrangements are among the first things on your mind. You can save time and money by choosing a discount travel site. Some companies have special packages and coupons with adequate discounts for clients.

Booking Travel Sites:

There are destinations worldwide that cater to tourists or other travelers looking for exciting new experiences and tales that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, many niche travel sites are available to satisfy the needs of those looking for an alternative experience.

Vacation Package Sites:

You may be a lone traveler considering a group backpacking trip, or maybe you’re looking for a jam-packed trip with exciting activities like scuba diving, bungee jumping, and hiking. Travel agencies are available to help you eliminate the hassle of organizing your big trip or finding accommodation by compiling a list of the absolute must-see locations for you.

Best online travel websites:

Best for: Most user-friendly site

Reward program: With’s loyalty program, you can earn free nights and other benefits at tens of thousands of hotels around the world.

Price guarantee: The website also excels in price, frequently returning results for flights and hotels that are cheaper than the market average.

Customer support: Phone line and online chat

Best deals: You can find the best deals on hotels, flights (both domestic and international), tours, and even rides to and from the airport all in one place. has more lodging alternatives per destination than any other OTA, with more than 28 million listed across hotel chains, hostels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, and five-star resorts.

Reasons to buy:

  • User-friendly
  • Wide variety of options
  • Fantastic reward system

Reasons to avoid: There is often too much to choose from.


  • Wide variety of choices
  • Good interface
  • There are many ways to narrow your search results.


  • It’s not always clear if you need to contact or the seller directly to make modifications or cancel an order.

Best for Flexible payment plan

Reward program: Gives members points for every dollar spent on vacation-related expenses like airfare, lodging, transportation, car rentals, and travel package

Price Guarantee: Offers low-cost domestic and international travel booking services consistent with market rates

Customer support: Email or phone line.

Best deals: When you need a low-cost flight in a hurry, go no further than CheapOAir. You’ll love the website’s cheap airfare prices if you can get over the fact that tickets are non-refundable.

Reasons to buy: To ensure that each consumer obtains a deal that best meets their travel preferences, it makes it easy for travelers to access several quotations from hundreds of hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and car rental providers all at once.

Reasons to avoid: Tickets and fares are non-refundable.


  • Reduced prices and special offers on vacations
  • Guaranteed lowest available prices
  • Get double rewards by downloading the app.


  • Cancellation charges apply

Best for: Innovative design plans and features

Reward program: The company now does not offer an incentive program.

Price guarantee: To be eligible for rebooking and refund protections in the event of a reservation change or cancellation for any reason, customers must opt into the Kiwi guarantee program (the guarantee program takes care of flight cancellations, flight delays, and schedule changes).

Customer support: When it comes to refunds, many customers have complained that the site’s support team is not proactive.

Best deals: This tool searches the web for the most suitable transportation modes, including air, rail, road and car rental deals.

Reasons to buy: You can cancel or reschedule your trip with the help of the Kiwi Guarantee.

Reasons to avoid: There is a surcharge for using Kiwi Guarantee.


  • Provide users with a well-thought-out itinerary
  • The nomad option is excellent for free-spirited vacationers.


  • It’s possible that, due to your itinerary’s ingenuity, you won’t be departing from the airport you arrived at.
  • Integrated booking fee for air, rail, and bus travel

Best for: Travel guides

Reward program: Users earn points when they book flights, and users who book their flights through the app will receive double the reward points.

Price guarantee: No price guarantee

Customer support: is known for its superior customer service. Contact customer support if you need assistance before, during, or after your trip. They will be able to answer questions and help you through the process.

Best deals: Inexpensive airfare, lodging, and transportation services are available at the click of a mouse on OneTravel. They work with many different vendors to give the user great deals so you may shop around and find the best price on everything you need.

Reasons to buy: Flight schedules, airline profiles, and specials are all included. A blog component is also available, offering advice on how to save money when flying.

Reasons to avoid: Customer reviews show that users had the most issues with OneTravel’s customer service, credit cards, and cancellation fees.


  • It provides numerous choices for lodging, transportation, and sightseeing.
  • also has a broad selection of possible routes you can take.
  • The site also features hotel and vehicle rental bookings from across the world.
  • The airline part of is among the site’s most vital points. Detailed flight information, including costs and availability, is provided here. There is also travel advice, destination details, and details on which airlines serve specific locations.


  • The membership cost is charged each time customers use, regardless of how frequently one travels.
  • You’ll be charged the airport departure tax (ADT) when you check out of the airport.

Best for: A rewards program with amenities and discounts

Reward program: The more of your trip you book through the site, the more discounts you get and save.

Price guarantee: Expedia provides two kinds of insurance for their customers: the Flight Cancellation Plan and the Flight Total Protection Plan.

Customer support: Phone line and online chat.

Best deals: If you cancel your flight within 24 hours after purchasing it on Expedia, you will receive a full refund. They also provide a robust loyalty program offering exclusive perks and savings.

Reasons to buy: Up to five additional flights are possible. You can also find various options on Expedia that are 100% refundable.

Reasons to avoid: Sometimes it’s cheaper to book directly than it is to use Expedia.


  • This site has been used successfully by many before you and has a rewards system for air travel!
  • Tourists can do their research either online or with a dedicated mobile app.
  • User-friendly design


  • Almost all refund policies are inadequate, ambiguous, or both.
  • Possibilities for those with disabilities are restricted.

Best for: Quick search and prompt results

Reward program: No available reward program

Price guarantee: No price guarantee

Customer support: Live chat

Best deals: Kayak is designed to help you find the best deals on hotel rooms. They color-code the prices so you can see which is the best deal when booking a trip. If you find a cheaper rate on another trip booking site, Kayak will let you know. You may save money on every journey by comparing rates across its partners.

Reasons to buy:

  • It fastens the process and spares you much effort.
  • Many options for filtering

Reasons to avoid: You don’t make reservations with Kayak.


  • Kayak lets you create price notifications.
  • Provides travel insurance


  • No unique characteristics.
  • Potential security risks from entering personal information

Best for: Vacation rentals such as a house or apartment

Reward program: There is no loyalty program, but prices are displayed so that one can make an informed decision in a short amount of time. There are rewards for just about everywhere you could go.

Price guarantee: HotWire is an accommodation-reservation service that also provides transportation options. It’s an excellent method to save money because it offers unsold hotel rooms, plane tickets, and vehicle rentals.

Customer Support: Phone line and online chat.

Best deals: guarantees a steep discount if you wait to find out which brand you booked with after making your hotel, airfare, or auto rental reservations. HotWire offers up to 60% discounts when you book multiple hotels simultaneously. As long as you are brand-agnostic, HotWire will get you the best deal for your trip.

You can only search for flights and hotels.

Reasons to buy:

  • The website covers numerous categories of real estate.
  • Nicely organized deals

Reasons to avoid:

  • Outdated design
  • There is no reward system in place


  • It provides a map with a view of urban regions of each travel location divided up on a map such that by selecting a neighborhood within the city, you may see what’s offered there.
  • This is a helpful service for locating low deals.


  • It lacks the flexibility of other booking platforms in sorting and filtering choices.
  • Accommodation types cannot be selected as a filter.
  • Limited to only hotel and flight options

Best for: Offering apartments and private rentals

Reward program: No available reward program

Price guarantee: This website makes it simple to search for and reserve everything from homes and hotels to hostels and plane tickets. Travelers also find the accommodations reasonably priced compared to other sites, which adds to the site’s appeal.

Customer support: Available multilingual, round-the-clock customer service line, which is helpful to bookers in need of assistance.

Best deals: On the Agoda website or mobile app, you can view side-by-side comparisons of available rooms, allowing you to quickly analyze the benefits of various options. Moreover, Agoda provides a detailed list of the room’s facilities and features, so you know exactly what to anticipate.

Reasons to buy:

  • Allows for cost-free cancellations
  • Focuses solely on individual homes
  • The plethora of reviews available should assist you in making your choice.

Reasons to avoid: Fees for taxes and services can add up to a hefty sum.


  • An advantage of using Agoda is the variety of hotels from which to choose.
  • The reservation procedure is quick and easy.
  • Both the website and the mobile app can be used with minimal difficulty.
  • It’s possible to pick from a large variety of rooms and rental cars.
  • Credit cards and PayPal are the accepted methods of payment.
  • Some coupons and deals might help you save money.


  • It may take some time for the hotel to get confirmation of your reservation through Agoda.
  • Getting the greatest deals requires speed because many other people are always looking at the same items as you.

Best for: Cheap prices

Reward program: No reward program is available

Price Guarantee: Travelocity is an offshoot of Expedia and claims to have the best price guarantee. It is one of the most affordable hotel booking services. They give a price match guarantee to users. This means that they’ll give you your money back if you find a lower price elsewhere

Customer support: The customer care accessible via the Travelocity app is second to none and is available round-the-clock. Wonderful customer service is available whenever you need it by phone or social media message (Facebook or Twitter).

Best deals: When you book your first hotel through the Travelocity app, you’ll get great deals and extra discounts like a 15% discount. If you’re planning a trip, this is a nice discount, and the money you save on the hotel room rate will come in handy for all the fun things you may do!

Reasons to buy:

  • Easily locate tours, transportation, lodging, and restaurants.
  • You will receive a refund for the difference in price if another guest orders the same package at a lower rate after you have already done so.

Reasons to avoid: The cancellation policy is not straightforward


  • Special discount on active use
  • Make your flight reservations quickly.
  • It allows you to reserve a wide range of services, including a car, a cruise, and a seat on a train.
  • Allow users to access cheap flight and save money


  • Standard text messaging fees may apply
  • Phone calls to customer support have been plagued by problems such as unhelpful representatives, dropped calls, and agents who refuse to answer questions.

Best for: Last-minute hotel deals

Reward program: No available reward program

Price Guarantee: Freedom is your one-stop shop for package deals, budget travel, booking multiple flights, package deals, private home rental and many more. The website promises that users are in great hands; however, there is no available price guarantee.

Customer support: 24/7 support through email and live chat

Best deals: Not only will Freedom help and show you how to get from point A to point B, but they also offer deals on car rentals and low travel deals. Freedom helps users select great locations around the world at the lowest prices at a travel destination.

Reasons to buy: When you’re done making reservations, you may purchase low-cost itineraries for destinations ranging from Paris to Bangkok.

Reasons to avoid: Does not have enough deals on private home rentals


  • Features vacation value finder
  • Affordable flight deals
  • Gives suggestions on how to find cheap airfare


  • Restrictive cancellation policy

Best for: Budget-friendly expenses

Reward program: No reward program

Price Guarantee: You can narrow your hotel search results by selecting just hotels that allow free cancellation, have a cleanliness rating of 4.5 stars or higher. or have three or more stars altogether. The option to “return the automobile to a different location” is available while searching for a rental car.

Customer support: If you need assistance making a reservation, you can contact a representative anytime through the site’s built-in live chat feature or by email. With such warm, helpful, and knowledgeable personnel, it’s easy to say that SkyScanner’s assistance is consistently excellent.

Best deals: Skyscanner is a good price comparison site since it employs a metasearch engine to search all OTAs, hotels, airlines, and car rental firms simultaneously. You can get a good deal and book at a discounted cost on the site. To know the actual price, rather than the average across the country, you’ll need to refine your search by city. You will, however, have a better notion of which nations often have the cheapest flight prices.

Reasons to buy:

  • Fast and straightforward reservation interface
  • Options for hundreds of different locales and currencies
  • Travel options include both one-way and round-trip flights, as well as those between multiple cities.

Reasons to avoid: There are excessive amounts of advertisements.


  • Advanced filtering for making reservations
  • The hotel bookings and flight prices are significantly lower compared to other OTAs.
  • Users can receive fare drops on preferred routes.
  • The “Explore” tab allows users to discover exciting new places to visit on their next adventure, weekend excursion, or spontaneous vacation.


  • Not every airline or flight is included.
  • Disabled in offline mode

Best for: Speed

Reward program: Using the airline’s official website and the Chrome extension Wikibuy to locate and use applicable discount codes is best.

Price guarantee: The price guarantee is a brand-new feature on Google Flights. In some cases, Google’s algorithms can guarantee that the price you see is the lowest one available before your trip departs. Naturally, Google will maintain tabs on the cost of your flight right up until you board.

Customer support: Almost non-existent

Best deals: Google Flights gives passengers a quick and complete overview of their flight options by allowing them to filter results by the number of stops on their journey, the airline, the time of day, and more. Google Flights will not only bring you to your next stop and offer great deals but also keep you aware of any potential disruptions, thanks to brand-new capabilities like delay forecasting.

Reasons to buy:

  • They search through all the flights offered by significant and minor airlines, then rank the results to present you with the best potential flight for your trip.
  • Search results for flights can be sorted geographically by continent or nation.

Reasons to avoid: Mistake airfares are common.


  • By displaying available dates on a calendar, you can quickly determine which ones offer the lowest rates.
  • To see how various costs may change over the coming weeks and months, you can consult the Price Graph.


  • Google Flights occasionally informs you that a lower fare is available at a different price. However, if you continue with the booking, the price increases or booking options disappear entirely.
  • Ghosting, which occurs when a fare appears to be available but suddenly disappears, occasionally occurs on Google Flights.

What Features Should You Look for in a Travel Site to Get the Best Experience?

  1. Travel Discounts

Some organizations, such as AAA, AARP, the American Bar Association, and so on, offer discounts to their members. You may save money on hotel stays by joining the top local organizations.

Several of these sites may assist you with coupon reductions. Some websites aggregate coupons from other retailers and offer them at a discount. The best place to find these deals is online. You can send an email or make a phone call to ask about the available discounts.

  1. Booking Services

Booking your flight, hotel, and auto rental in a convenient package can save you money over making individual arrangements for each when you get to your final destination. Some travel agencies will choose your accommodations and transportation for you to save you money.

  • Flights: Using an OTA allows you to quickly and simply evaluate the costs of various travel options. Most allow you to narrow your results and make comparisons to find flights most suitable for you. Finding low-cost flights is a top priority for many people who visit a travel site. There are many online places dedicated solely to booking flights, but if you book through a travel agency, you can also book a hotel and a vehicle. The finest travel websites allow you to compare flights from more than nine airlines and sort results based on cost, journey time, number of stops, and cabin class.
  • Accommodations: Most cost-effective websites that book flights also sell accommodation packages. The attractiveness of these hotel plans comes from the reasonable prices they offer. Choose a site that can take care of your flight and accommodation whether flights hotels, a hostel, or rental apartments at a friendly rate.
  • Rental cars: It is in your best interest to pre-book your local transport for touring as early as possible to secure reasonable car rental offers. Try to look for car rental companies that offer hassle-free cancellations, timely refunds, and, in most cases, complete reimbursements.
  • Vacation packages: Have you ever wished you could get a massage, a hotel room, conferencing, and so on all rolled into one convenient package? If you do the math, you will see that the overall cost of each need will be far higher than the cost of a package. Comb the internet for deals on all-inclusive vacation packages, and make hotel reservations as early as possible to get the best rates.
  1. Research Your Destination

These days, if you want to learn anything at all about planning a trip to a distant country, you need do nothing more than whip out your reliable mobile phone, log onto the internet, and look for the information you seek. Google Maps, Google Street View, YouTube, and social media sites like Facebook make it simple to learn more about potential holiday spots, as do image and review searches.

  • City guides: If you’re the type of person who thrives on new experiences, you should try your hand at something that’s a little off the beaten path. There are destinations worldwide that cater to tourists looking for exciting new experiences and tales they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, there is a multitude of one-of-a-kind travel websites that are meant to cater to tourists who are looking for something new. Some of these travel websites allow visitors to download tour guides that will make their trip less stressful and more enjoyable.
  • Hotel reviews: You should never start a trip without deciding where you will sleep. Staying in a comfortable hotel is a high priority for many travelers. Saving time, money, and stress by knowing the best places to get hotel deals is a valuable skill. Using an internet travel agency has many advantages. One is the review system, in which past clients can submit ratings and comments to help future travelers make informed decisions. Reviews are trustworthy since they can only be left by customers who have used the product or service. Check out the reviews to know if they offer good deals and comfortable hotel options.
  • Restaurant reviews: The number of testimonials, evaluations, and suggestions available to consumers is growing daily due to the growing interest in learning about the perspectives of those who have already made a purchase. Numerous customers will give a product a perfect score of five stars, and many more have left positive comments about it. Look at ratings and reviews of local establishments to decide which ones to eat at while on vacation.
  • Activities and events: Do you have any plans to go on tour? Business travel? Or a getaway. When planning a trip for business or a special event, it’s best to use a service that can assist you in finding flights and hotels close to your destinations. Think about what you want to do and where you want to go on your trip so you can pick the best travel website.
  1. Price Guarantees

It’s best to find an internet service that offers 24/7 help and has no catches in the fine print. There are a plethora of online travel providers that offer reward programs, such as and Expedia. Like airline or hotel loyalty programs, these provide members exclusive perks for continued use. Check the sites’ policies and whether or not they give a price match guarantee to users. Consider the returns, and rebates, as well as the various payment options and installment plans they provide.

  1. Cancelation Policy

Hotels, airlines, and other service providers must follow an OTA’s cancellation policy to be included on the OTA’s website. Upon making a reservation, the customer receives an email or can view the relevant information on the website, making the process relatively straightforward and focused on the consumer’s needs.

Certain OTAs, like SkyScanner, will direct you to the vendor’s website to confirm your ticket rather than providing their cancellation and alterations policy. As a result, you’ll have to abide by the vendor’s potentially stringent policies on making modifications and canceling orders. Check the cancellation policy to choose the best travel sites for you.

Facebook Travel Groups

Travel Community – general travel FB group

Members of this community are savvy, optimistic travelers who want to make new friends, share experiences, and learn from one another about all aspects of the travel industry. This online forum is a meeting place for those who share a passion for travel and learning about new places.

GirlsLOVETravel – female-only travel FB group.

This is one of the best travel groups on Facebook. There are more than a million people in this Facebook travel group, but it still feels like a tight-knit community. Due to the high volume of users, the forum undergoes stringent moderation, with some posts taking days to be approved and off-topic discussions being shut down nearly immediately. However, you can discover new places, help fellow travelers, and make internet connections with some fantastic women because of this organization. Haley Woods, the organization’s creator, also organizes vacations for the group.

Young Travelers Network – for youngsters/post-millennials

This group is for generation Z, millennials, and post-millennials (sometimes known as Zillennials) who are passionate about seeing the world. Join a community of young globetrotters and chat, debate, and arrange in-person or online gatherings anywhere in the world.

Families Who Love to Travel – family travel group

This page provides a protected environment for parents to discuss and share trip ideas, itineraries, concerns, questions, and previous experiences.

Bottom Line

You can choose an online travel agency (OTA) to assist you in arranging your next vacation no matter what you care most about (price, social effect, or luxury lodgings, for example). Conducting your research is essential, as some OTAs are just reselling platforms and not actual suppliers.

During our evaluations, we considered factors including how long each site took to load and how simple it was to obtain the information we needed to determine how user-friendly they were. We assessed whether or not the site’s interface seemed old or if it felt cluttered with advertisements. We also checked out how simple it was to get to the company’s contact info, price-back guarantee details, and promotions and deals website.

The convenience of setting up bundle arrangements, the breadth of their coverage, and the depth of any reductions they might offer were all taken into account. We tested the available filters to determine how well they worked for our varied research needs.

You can be confident that you are in safe hands with the travel websites listed in this article. Try them out today for a seamless vacation, tour, or any trip.

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