Adventure Time Artist Explores Chainsaw Man Crossover With Makima

It has been a hot minute since Chainsaw Man season one closed, but fans are keeping the series alive while its anime chills behind the scenes. Of course, this means everything from cosplay tributes to fan-fiction shorts have taken over social media. And now, a bit of fan art is going viral all thanks to an artist on Adventure Time.

The art comes from Instagram courtesy of Ian Jones-Quartey as you can see below. The artist, who is known best for working on Adventure Time, decided it was time to crossover the series with Chainsaw Man after checking out the anime. It seems the anime’s version of Makima reminded Jones-Quartey of someone we all know, and that would be none other than Princess Bubblegum.

“I heard that the creator of [Chainsaw Man] is an Adventure Time fan and it just fits so well,” the artist captioned the art. Of course, fans of the franchises know Jones-Quartey is spot on. Makima may be the Internet’s new obsession, but Princess Bubblegum had netizens by the throat first.

Of course, both of these female characters are known for their wild antics, and their authority often fast-tracks them towards power trips. There is also the fact both women wield influence over their shows’ leads. Princess Bubblegum as Finn wrapped around her finger just as Makima does with Denji. But where the Adventure Time heroine means well, the same cannot be said for Makaima.

The manga has made it clear Makima has a tight grip on Denji, and the hero is obsessed with her. Their relationship is anything but healthy as it stands, and readers know things are going to get worse for the pair before it gets better. And when things hit the fan, all we can do is point Denji at Adventure Time and hope he learns some lessons about self-worth. 

What do you think about this cute Aeventure Time tribute? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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