2023 Travel Deals, Global Tipping Guide, SkyTeam’s New Airline And More

8 Money-Saving Travel Deals for 2023

When you start making travel plans this year, these hotel and cruise line deals could save you a world of money. And if you combine those savings with loyalty program perks to add extra benefits—from room and dining discounts to bonus points and upgrades—your travel dollars will go even further. Here are some of the best money-saving travel deals for 2023.

Virgin Atlantic to Join SkyTeam Alliance

In a long-anticipated move, Virgin Atlantic will join the SkyTeam alliance in early 2023, becoming the first UK airline member. While SkyTeam—which includes Delta, Air France and KLM—has had a close relationship with Virgin Atlantic for several years (including codeshares), the formal partnership means that members will have access to earn frequent flyer miles across rewards programs and have access to more lounges and routes.

The 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in 2023

For six years, veteran travel editor Laura Begley Bloom has chronicled the cheapest places to live in the world based on data from the annual Global Retirement Index. And the list is not just for retirees—it’s also for people dream of becoming digital nomads in countries where the cost of living is considerably lower than the United States—so inexpensive that you might not even have to work. From Portugal (where a couple could live on as little as $2,800 a month) to Panama (where $2,900 could sustain two people), here are the 10 places where you can quit your job and live well.

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Travel Wise

It’s been another rough year for the airlines but one thing has remained constant—safety comes first. AirlineRatings.com recently released its annual list of the safest airlines. After briefly losing the top spot to Air New Zealand last year, Qantas is once again the world’s safest airline—an honor it held from 2019 to 2021. Here are the 20 safest airlines for 2023.

A Guide to Global Tipping Etiquette

How much should you tip housekeeping, room service or the valet at your hotel? It depends where you travel—tipping rules vary in the United States and around the world. And for those who no longer carry cash, some hotels have developed electronic solutions with QR codes that allow guests to tip a team member. According to several travel experts, here are the global guidelines for tipping etiquette. Bottom line—be as generous as you can afford.

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