15 Of My Favorite “Adventure Time” Characters Ranked

Adventure Time was a kid show that explored themes and evolved itself into something more grown-up as the seasons went on. This treasured show not only won awards for its storytelling but also for its character development. It is one of Gen Z’s most classic animated shows and for good reason.

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In its ten-season run, we were introduced to a wide array of characters, some charming and funny while others were creepy and awkward. I figured we could take a little trip down memory lane and recap some of my favorite Adventure Time characters.

15.Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess with her hands on her side speaking to someone

Lumpy’s need to be the center of attention was kind of always a put-off for me, but then she had a way of reeling me back with her comedic timing and wit. She’s had some pretty hilarious moments on the show but her snobby nature and inability to not be obnoxious keeps her as one of my least favorites.

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14.Tree Trunks

Tree Trunks talking to Finn and Jake as she peaks her head out a window

This elderly elephant with a Southern Belle charm had a hell of a backstory as well as libido. Her moral sensibility could never be questioned although her flirty ways did make me cringe a time or two or ten. Something about her and Mr. Pig showing certain public displays of affection made me feel like I was watching my loveable grandma get too handsy with someone. All that aside, she’s a great character who just gets a little overzealous with her affection sometimes.

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13.The Earl of Lemongrab

The Earl of Lemongrab shouting at his subjects

His voice would shatter windows, and anytime I see an image of him I can automatically hear “UNACCEPTABLE!!” screeching in my head. He was a unique character who could easily annoy as much as make you laugh. His overbearing and controlling demeanor made it more satisfying when he was taken down a peg but overall I think it’s Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland whose performance makes you love to hate this character.

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12.Susan Strong

Susan Strong being mind controlled by an implant in her head

This terminator-esque character was tied pretty heavily to Finn’s past and where he came from. Although her personality wasn’t as fun as maybe some of the others on this list, her overall story arc, though familiar, fleshed out an even bigger story for Finn.

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11.Lady Rainicorn

Ladt Rainincorn in wrapped up in a ball worried about something

This Korean-speaking majestic creature was a great support character in the show. Although there were only a couple of episodes where we truly got to understand Lady, anytime she was onscreen with the gang it was a joy to watch. Her romance with Jake was one to remember as couples in this show became the thing to watch for and this ship definitely made the heart smile.

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Gunter using the demonic wishing eye

Nothing like embodying the show’s most evil character into a penguin. It’s almost ridiculous, even for Adventure Time, what Gunter’s backstory is, but it makes sense nonetheless. His interactions with the Ice King and his one-note reply, tagged with his cosmic history, make him one of the show’s simplest yet outrageous and fun characters.

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9.Peppermint Butler

Peppermint Butler raising his hand to deny someone something

The Dr. Strange of the land of Ooo comes in a refreshing minty candy form whose loyalty to the princess makes him one of the fiercest magic wielders in the show. Peps has had some great moments throughout the series and although he uses the Dark Arts to battle he is always on the side of good and Princess Bubblegum.

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Prismo looking over a sleeping Jake

This pickle-making, shadow-like figure has had some pretty great episodes. His banter with Finn and Jake always makes me laugh, and as a wish master, his abilities also make for great adventures for the two. Kumail Nanjiani’s voice acting gives this character the down-to-earth feel you would want from an entity that can control timelines.

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7.Ice King

Ice King leaning on a counter trying to flirt

The Ice King was one of the many core characters who had a rich story arc throughout this series. The evolution from princess kidnapper back to his original self, Simon Petrikov, was not straightforward and, thankfully, was fleshed out in a way that made sense, giving this tragic character the happy ending he deserved.

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6.Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum explaining something to Flame Princess

Though she has a kind demeanor, she has had her fair share of drama with some of the main characters, specifically Finn and Marceline. There is no length to her plotting that she won’t commit to in order for her kingdom to be safe. This has had her burn bridges in the past, but it also has made for some of the best stories. It’s those predicaments that turn a kind-hearted Princess Bubblegum into a stone-cold killer when making tough decisions or decisions based on what she believes is right. She, like many others on this show, was integral to Finn’s maturity as well as her own, discovering more about herself throughout and finding her true love in Marceline.

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5.Flame Princess

Flame Princess upset at Princess Bubblegum

Though at times hot-tempered due to her being the embodiment of an eternal flame, Flame Princess is one of the many heroines in this show that is not just a love interest to Finn but a character who usurps her father and battles against evil to become the ruler of the Fire Kingdom. She shows mercy to her father after his escape and develops an even greater friendship with Finn after some time apart following their breakup. Her maturity throughout this series and her ability to help others mature, especially Finn, make her a standout character.

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4.Jake the Dog

Jake the Dog thinking about something

The best “bro” anyone could ask for; Jake is the ultimate companion for a land where almost anything is possible. His adventures with Finn made this show so epic in the beginning, whether it was ridiculous ideas to solve a problem or his inability to read a room and crack a joke, which is why he will always be a favorite. His brotherhood with Finn and their evolution together make for some of the best episodes, and who didn’t love Jake and Lady Rainicorn having a family together? He’s one of the best.

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BMO talking to someone excitedly

As a former Gameboy owner, it was hard not to love BMO, seeing how adorable and silly it was immediately. Its childlike approach to Finn and Jake always made me smile. Whether it was its unfiltered honesty or sometimes simple misunderstanding, BMO’s reactions to whatever situation it’s in are always entertaining. BMO has also been one of the most dependable characters for Finn and Jake, which is why this heart-of-gold character is so high on my list.

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2.Marceline the Vampire Queen

Marceline playing her ax guitar while standing a top a gate

I know people might be losing their mind that Marceline isn’t number one, but she’s not off by much. Her story arc was rich with adventure and growth that followed the overall maturity of the show. The main characters all grew during those ten seasons and Marceline had one of the best arcs, not only because of her relationship with Princess Bubblegum, but because of Finn and the Ice King as well. She overcomes so much and is able to build some of her strongest bonds over the seasons while also delivering some of the best tunes, which is why I know a lot of fans have her as a number one favorite.

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1.Finn the Human

Finn with his hands up explaining something to Jake

Settle down and put those pitchforks on the ground; Yes, Finn is my favorite. Like many of the main characters, we get to see them mature and learn so much about their history, and for me, Finn is the most compelling. His emotional maturity over the years seems to dictate the show’s tone, and his eventual lessons in life, not only solving the land of Ooo’s problems, but his own as well, show his growth in a changing world. There’s nothing like seeing a character grow from a kid to a grown adult and having that arc feel complete.

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What do you think of my list? Who are some of your favorite characters from Adventure Time? Let us know in the comments below.

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